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The TTrigger Promise To You

If you commit just 180 minutes a month to getting trigger time, and your gun doesn’t quickly become an extension of your hand, just email us for a quick return.

We don’t want to keep TTrigger Dry fire training from anyone who wants to be a better and more confident shot. If you want to be fast on the draw using the tiny bits of time we all commonly waste, all while becoming one of the hardest to kill, this tool is for you.

Outside our hopes for your ability to go home after a gunfight, if you purchase a TTrigger dry fire trigger reset mag and want to send it back for any reason, Contact Us with the reason. Example

“I used this for 5min X 30 days and I’m not any better at shooting, nor am I more confident in my handling of my Glock.”

We’ll reply with a prepaid shipping label via email. And we’re happy to talk to you, as well.

Any malfunctions due to tampering or physical damage will not be covered by this warranty. This will be determined at the sole discretion of TTrigger, LLC. This warranty covers the original price of the TTrigger™.


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