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Instead of driving to the range, spending gas, money, fees and burning the time you spend, while not getting much better…

You just follow these simple steps:

Glock training magazine

Remove your magazine confirm a clear barrel

There’s nothing more important to us than gun safety.
Please double-check your status before all training sessions.

Rack Your Slide

The TTrigger uses a self-encapsulating mechanism within the ammo clip and won’t damage (or use) the firing pin.

Glock training magazine
training magazine


The first trigger pull will be real, and that “sets” the TTrigger mechanism, after that, you’re ready to go.


You can now commence clearing your house, or other area you want to be “battle-ready” in. Commence realistic dry firing practice!

training magazine
What is TTrigger?

TTrigger enables more “real-to-life” gun practice, without having to go to the range or drop a house payment on enough ammunition to make a difference. We consider TTrigger to be “The Answer” for busy Glock owners who want to enjoy a dry fire practice method without the annoying — and possibly deadly — “false muscle memory” your peers use.

How is it made?

The TTRIGGER is made from Nylon reinforced with fibers which gives the TTRIGGER its enhance durability, all the Metal parts are zinc coated so it rust free. On the assembly we check each product before it is being packed it. The TTRIGGER has been tested at fall from 7 feet high on concrete. So it is the most durable product in the market of its kind Israeli made product by security experts and ex-military special forces veter

Will this damage my Glock?

NO, the TTRIGGER operates only the trigger bridge and it doesn’t affect the barrel, the firing pin or any of its mechanisms.

How much does TTrigger weight?

5.22oz / 150 grams this weight was specially chosen to imitate a semi full magazine.

Can I get this for my pistol?

Sure you can and it is even recommended to improve muscle memory. Just make sure your gun model is supported by the TTRIGGER.

Does this come with a laser?

Currently is doesn’t but our hard working R&D team is working hard to in cooperate this with a laser.

Will it fit my glock ?

TTrigger fits the following models:

  • GLOCK 9 / 40 / 357 / .45 GAP
  • 9MM: G17, G19, G19X, G26, G34, G45, G47 .
  • 40 CAL: G22, G23, G27, G35
  • .45 GAP: G37, G38 , G39
  • .22 CAL: G44
  • .357: G31, G32, G33


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